Years of Expertise

Govt & Investor

Strong business ethic

        FG works in the fields of government relations (GR), and investor relations within Russian and Central Asia.

        Our project-based approach for solving tasks, decades of experience of our partners in the public sector and extensive international network enable us effectively address challenges at different levels of Business-Government Relations - from the international trade and construction sector to Interagency contacts.

        Depending on the stated interests, we apply various methods - from lobbying the decision-makers to the set up of a constructive dialogue with the authorities. We act in line with ethical standards and international law.

Bank level

Counselling and implementation the complex-structured trade and investment transactions.

State level

Political consultations and inter-institutional support at the various public levels in Russia and Kazakhstan.

BizGov level

Monitoring and mitigation of the problems in state policy and industry-related fields.


Those who distribute their products through the right channels - those preferred by their consumers.