Years of Expertise



Dimitri Lubimenko

Partner, Strategic Advisor

        Dimitri is responsible for Project Implementation and Development of Fisht Group’ expertise in the field of Fashion & Retail Management aw well as our International Affairs. He began his close collaboration with other partners of FG in 2013, and objectified the strategic communications for common projects in 2016, while establishing Fisht Group. 

        Before devotion his work full-time to the partners of Fisht Group, Dimitri gained a unique set of skills in both well-established businesses and start-ups, while studying and working in Russia, Lithuania, France, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Poland and recently Uzbekistan. Thus, his professional career in Business Development and Retail began in 2008, in Supply Department of PEM, implementing the construction projects for malls and commercial areas. He climbed all steps from Supply Department Specialist to Manager, and later from International Operations Specialist to Brand Manager in Fashion Retail. Over 40 projects in Finances, Operations, Marketing, Logistics have been delivered with his direct involvement.

        Multi-disciplinary education and diversified work experience at HQ and regional offices shaped his ability to think creatively about problems and to collaborate across the competence areas of International Operations in Retail and Communications. The list of brands he worked with covers different market segments - from M&S, GAP, Koton, U.S. Polo, Cacharel to C&K, La Senza, New Look and others.

        Dimitri holds an Associate Degree in Business Studies from State University of Management (Moscow, Russia), a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in European Studies and Communications (Vilnius, Lithuania), and a Master’s degree in Marketing and Operations Management from IÉSEG School of Management (Lille, France). Beside English, his working language, he speaks Circassian, Polish, Russia, Turkish, Ukrainian.

The squeeze on Retail Industry is coming from e-commerce and new efficient data-based approaches that give a wide spectrum for decision-making process. Our goal is to make the most out of new data sources and apply sophisticated real-time analytics whether it’s a retail operations or international marketing.


Those who distribute their products through the right channels - those preferred by their consumers.